Kobe Bryant Still Relevant in Social Media – 4 Examples

Kobe Bryant is still mentioned in social media even when he does not have a presence on the court. His season-ending shoulder injury hasn’t stopped him from maintaining traction on Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Youtube.

Laker Nation’s Facebook page showed a post about an article that documented Bryant’s absence from this weekend’s All-Star festivities in New York City. He is one of the few NBA stars that can dominate social media outlets during an injury-plagued season.

The Lakers twitter feed also contains posts related to the injured Bryant. Even though he was ruled out for the 2015 NBA All-Star game due to injury, personnel running the Lakers Store are still advertising his All-star game jersey.

As of February 15th, the third post on the #Lakers Vine site showed a montage about Bryant, displaying him as a living legend. His recent ailments do not prevent people from wanting to remember his greatness.

In an effort to continue to generate stories about the injured Bryant, some affiliates have started to document other players’ opinions about him, as evident in the video below.

Whether he plays another minute in the NBA or not, Bryant will be a recurring social media topic long after he is done playing.